Lent – day 10


Languages: Amharic*, Oromo, local languages

Ethiopia has considered itself a Christian country since the fourth century – and its Christian roots are sometimes traced back to the story of the Ethiopian eunuch told in Acts 8.

Other major religions are growing in influence in Ethiopia and much anti-Christian teaching is spread. Violence against Christians is increasing in some areas including setting fire or bombing of Christian homes or churches and church workers are attacked and beaten.

* On a lighter note, I was once able to order a few items from an Ethiopian menu in Amharic (I had to learn them off by heart as I couldn’t read the script). Sadly, I have forgotten nearly everything – except the word for “thank you” which is something along the lines of “amerseganalo”. It may come in handy again one day. I can also remember “coffee with milk, please” but as I no longer drink coffee, it is going to be less useful.

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