Split loyalties

It is interesting to see how different countries present the news.  On a late-night news bulletin yesterday, I heard that Andy Murray had beaten his opponent in the semi-finals of the Australian Open. There was lots of talk about tactics, strength and skill.

I have just read in the Hamburger Abendblatt that Roger Federer has reached the final of the same tournament. Here there is lots of talk about how brilliant he is, how many tournaments he’s won etc. There is an implication that he will win this one, too.

But who do I cross my fingers for? I think Federer is fantastic, not only is he an amazing player he seems to be an incredibly nice person, too (and I’ve had the pleasure of translating some press releases about him).  I *always* want him to win. But it would be rather good if a Brit won the Aussie Open… it hasn’t happened for 30 years. It’s about time.

I might just have to screw up my eyes, turn down the volume on my ears and hide under the duvet until Monday morning.

In one way, I suppose, I won’t be disappointed whoever wins… but nevertheless, it all feels rather agonising.

2 thoughts on “Split loyalties

  1. I don’t watch much tennis but this is one I’d like to watch – but I don’t think I could take the tension … may just dip in and out during …

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