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This morning has been spent wiping the tears of hysteria from my cheeks. I have been translating a badly written tourist text for a place that shall remain nameless. Usually, when doing such documents, I end up dreaming of holidays and wishing I were a thousand miles away from my computer. This morning I was not in the least bit tempted to part with my cash to visit the place in question. It sounded very dull “with extensive views over the …er….pharmaceutical factory”. Get me on the next plane over there…not!

The poor unfortunates that do visit this area are told that they will eat their picnic lunch in a room provided with tables and chairs.  ” Auch Toiletten sind hier für das kleinere oder grössere Geschäft vorhanden. “* I’m afraid my British sensibilities balked at translating this in its entirety. My impression of our American cousins is that they are even more sensitive about such matters as they use euphemisms such as “bathroom” and “rest rooms” for fear of being too obvious. This German sentence,  as far as I’m concerned, is one of those things that can be quite happily lost in translation. I merely informed the tourists of the availability of the facilities.

* Toilets are also available for small or larger jobs

7 thoughts on “Too much information

  1. bathroom isn’t so much a euphemism, as it is just generally the name of the room with the toilet in it. I had never encountered the kind of separate bath and toilet rooms that you get in the UK until I moved here. So as people just call it the bathroom in the house, they generally just say the same thing in a public place even if there’s no bath there. more laziness of description than euphemism I think. and i would imagine that “rest room” evolved the same way the british “water closet” did.

  2. This isn’t Ludwigshafen is it? We had a holiday there where the pictures hanging in our room were of ‘Dann und Jetzt in Silostrasse’, a street in the nearby BASF chemical factory!

  3. I’m not sure if I’ve signed a “non-disclosure agreement” with this particular client, so I could be in trouble if I say too much. But no, it’s not Ludwigshafen….

    Oh crumbs…I hadn’t heard of that brand of loo paper… I hope I don’t have to do the marketing for that!!

    I’m not surprised Martin Luther was constipated. Did you know he had up to 50 people living in his home? The pressure on the facilities must have been pretty acute at most times of the day!

  4. I’m sitting here and grinning, my English sweetheart and I (German) have had discussions over our cross-cultural differences with regards to our openness, lol

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