I am always fascinated by creative people – mainly I think because I am so uncreative myself. I cannot knit, sew, bake or draw. Perhaps I can sing a little, but I have been doing precious little of that of late!

The little road I live on is slightly off the beaten track and perhaps for that reason it has attracted its fair share of creative people? I’ve just returned from visiting an elderly neighbour’s house where she has held an art exhibition as part of a local Arts Trail. I had no idea she was so prolific – all the walls in her house were covered with her paintings and she has even dedicated one room in her cottage as a  studio. I should have liked to have painted it (if I could…), a small, low-ceilinged room with an easel in the middle, a desk along the wall full of jars of brushes pointing upwards towards the works they had been used to create.

I almost missed her opening times as I have been absorbed in a work project all day – but it has reminded me that I want to learn to paint in watercolours before I get too old to hold a brush.

Miss Artist joins my other creative neighbours, Mrs Cupcake, Mr Graphic Designer and Mrs Children’s Author.

2 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. I’d say, given your not insignificant at all linguistic skills, that you definitely are creative; and your writing here shows a talent to me.

    But I do see what you mean… I can barely write my name legibly let alone consider calligraphy [something I love to see], my drawings of animals are far more abstract/surreal [not even sure of the correct word] than any artist, and my cooking is limited to burning meat. Sounds like you live in a great area, and all the best with the watercolour painting; I remember our very own Jack the Lass sharing her drawings, must be, oh, two years ago [if you’re reading Jack have there been more?]; hope you can share too.

  2. Thanks Ian – no there have been no more, though I was thinking I’d like to do some more sometime. Not sure yet where I’d like to draw though.

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