Seven swans a-swimming

…on the seventh day of Christmas (and New Year’s Eve).  I feel as if I am a bit like a swan at the moment… paddling furiously beneath the surface. There is much to relate (mostly non-translation related) but I do not have the leisure to do so. I have already broken one of the new year resolutions I thought I might make…(it relates to next year…and so counts as an advance breaking thereof, if you see what I mean) in an effort to carve out more time… so as you see, things are going well!

I hope all my gentle readers will enjoy the rest of Christmas and I wish you all “einen guten Rutsch”*  and hope that I will have the pleasure of your company in 2011.

*the general idea is that you slide/slip seamlessly into the new year… not that you lose your balance and damage your limbs… which is what an English friend of mine thought I meant!!