Career hits a new high

Gentle readers, I have not forgotten you [although I realise I am doing a pretty good impression of having done so] and have broken off from my high-flying international career to bring you news from the wordface that is sure to gladden your hearts as much as it has gladdened mine.

Let us increase the suspense a little and play a jolly game.

Am I translating an interview with

a) a world leader?

b) a great philanthropist?

c) an A-list celebrity?

d) a coat?


7 thoughts on “Career hits a new high

  1. As a regular reader of your weird and wacky world, I have a feeling that is going to turn out to be d, not sure how but still d is my guess.

  2. Those that guessed “d” were correct.

    Surfing, I think you picked up my tone of exasperation/sarcasm…

    Yes, everyone, about an hour of my life has been spent translating an interview with a coat. Such uplifting moments as “Tell me about yourself” “Well, I’m warm and cosy and have a beautiful lining”…

  3. I think it is an interview with Adolf Hitler, Theodore Rocknrolla and Victoria Beckham about their love of coats

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