Almost a year

It’s been almost a year since I last posted. Quite unbelievable!

I am still here – in some shape or form.

I think my main reason for not posting is that I have been struggling with technology. At the beginning of last April I bought a shiny new computer… and some shiny new translation software. It has made me tear my hair out. None more so than today.

I have been reduced to going back to my old computer (from where I am writing right now) to use the old version of the software. My customer says he can’t read it. I am in despair. This wretched software cost a few limbs and claims to save the busy translator time and money. Neither claim is true. I have lost literally hours and HOURS of time trying to sort out its bugs and wobbles, thus costing me time and money!! ARGH

I am expecting the client to thank me politely and take back the promised job (the fee for which for once would actually pay the  bills).

The other strand of technology woe is that I don’t seem to be able to get on to this blog from my new computer – which as you can imagine – is a bit of a drawback where blogging is concerned. I haven’t had the time or inclination to fight with technology in my “spare” time as well as in my work time (although my spare time has become my work time because I’ve needed to catch up on lost time… if you follow me).

A geeky friend is coming to stay tonight. If I am not in some soggy mass of tears by then, I may have the strength to ask him to help me. I’m sure he’ll manage the blog thing. The translation software could be a different matter.

So, hope all is well with y’all, gentle readers. I’m sure you’ve all found other ways to spend your time than read this rant… but if you have read it… believe me, it is remarkably measured considering how wound up and *&$£!!** frustrated I feel!