This blog is about my life as a translator of German to English. I talk about words and language, translation issues and German. I also look at life – a topic which I think you agree is fairly broad and covers a multitude of sub categories. Quite a lot of it is bewildering which is why the blog is called Lost in Translation. If you think you have the answer to anything (yes, more or less anything) just let me know in the comments box. I can’t promise I’ll understand your viewpoint but I’ll happy to add it to the cauldron of craziness for consideration.

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  1. Hi Kerensa,

    I could not reply to your comment on my blog as the e-mail address was not valid. Just a note to say “Hi” and I hope all is well.


  2. Just read your blog today (1/6/2012) and was going to say how much I’ve missed reading your blog. Hope your geeky friend is at least some help on the computer front. (I’m posting here because the comments don’t appear to be working!)

  3. Commenting here before you turn off comments… 🙂

    Happy to see you posting, and happy to read of success with translating software and computers.

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