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On second thoughts…

Gentle readers, particularly those who are interested in grammar,

I have been drafting posts for the blog on my professional website and  realise that I have probably bitten off more than I can chew.  I now feel that I am in the middle of writing a book on grammar, which, although interesting, and it may even develop into greater things, is unsustainable at the moment. Who knew that there were so many points to include about the humble apostrophe?!  (I have started drafting a post on that subject at your request, Surfing.)

So my suggestion is this: if you are interested in reading the posts on my other blog, please leave a comment below. I will then take that as permission to send you a private email with the URL of my other blog. I don’t want to link here because I’m trying to keep my rants separate from my professional persona.

I shall look forward to seeing you over at the other place.

Let it snow, let it snow

let it snow!

All together now:  Oh the weather outside is frightful/but the fire  is so delightful…

As one who works from home, I am not really affected by the snowy conditions. I don’t have a treacherous commute or people relying on my services to be delivered on site and I have a well-stocked fridge so I can continue as normal (whatever that is…).

However, to mark this slightly unusual event, I have taken advantage of a lowish workload, and given myself a “snow day”. And so far, it has been very pleasant.  On my way to visit my elderly neighbour and clear her path, I played snowballs with two more of my neighbours, Mr Graphic Designer and Mrs Cupcake – both of whom also work from home. Mr GD was building a snow arch round his gateway to welcome home his wife when she manages to tramp back. He had also built a “pigloo” – an igloo for two soft toy pigs he had given her for Christmas so that she can see what they get up to when she’s not at home.  Mrs Cupcake was building a snowman with Master Cupcake in their front garden – and I could see Mr Cupcake sitting at his computer indoors so he has a snow day too. Little Miss Cupcake had managed, however, on her 18-month old legs to toddle to nursery!

My digital camera died on me recently, so I feel rather vexed that I cannot take photos of the white stuff which makes everywhere look so pretty.

I am about to tackle another (short) press release on wallpaper designs but I must pop downstairs first. I managed to cremate my lunchtime toast. Today is not the day to have the back door wide open to get rid of the smoke. An icy blast is finding its way up the stairs to remind me of my folly.